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3M Peltor G3000 Safety Helmet White Uvicator G3001NUV-VI

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3M Peltor G3000 Safety Helmet White Uvicator G3001NUV-VI - 1
3M Peltor G3000 Safety Helmet White Uvicator G3001NUV-VI - 1
Product description

3M Peltor G3000 Safety Helmet White Uvicator G3001NUV-VI

The 3M Peltor G3000 is a high-quality safety helmet with dial, ventilation and sweatband. The 3M Peltor Safety Helmet G3000 is a premium safety helmet with excellent quality. The safety helmet fits seamlessly with the available visors and hearing protection products.


  • The G3000 safety helmet guarantees optimal comfort even when head, eyes and ears need to be protected at the same time.
  • This helmet is suitable for tough working conditions where solid protection, optimal ventilation and a wide field of vision are required.
  • There is a red UVicator integrated into the helmet which - according to the influence of UV light affecting the helmet shell material - will fade in color.
  • The Uvicator is a clear indicator to indicate when your helmet needs replacing.
  • The safety helmet includes a shortened visor for a wider and wider field of vision.
  • The harness is easy to adjust in size and height, thanks in part to the dial.
  • In the process, the interior is reversible 180 degrees, allowing the visor to be turned toward the neck.
  • This is especially convenient in case of lack of space or when climbing masts.
  • Furthermore, the 3M Peltor G3000 helmet is characterized by optimized ventilation, with more ventilation holes than in a conventional ventilated safety helmet.
  • The 3M Peltor G3000 helmet comes standard in the color white. (Larger quantities in color available upon request)

Technical data

  • UV stabilized ABS helmet shell
  • Harness with dial
  • Uvicator sensor
  • Weight 310 grams
  • Standardization EN 397+
  • Easy to adjust in size and height
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Reversible interior
More Information
More Information
EAN 7318640053694
Manufacturer 3M
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