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VAT-free purchasing

As a business customer, you can buy from us and pay without paying VAT (also known as TAX Free).

Conditions for purchasing as a business customer
  • You must have a valid foreign VAT number
  • You must create a Toolnation customer account >create customer account 
  • Please enter your name and address details with valid EU VAT number**
  • Click on 'validate', your details will be verified
  • Upon approval after the inspection, you can access purchase VAT-free purchasing directly
** Make sure you enter the VAT number correctly: BE012345678, FR012345678, DE012345678
If your number is not accepted then it could be that your VAT number has expired, you have filled in your VAT number incorrectly or your VAT number has not yet been registered in the system. In this case you can contact our customer service, we will then look for an appropriate solution together with you. >contact us
NOTE: Subsequent settlement of VAT paid by you is not possible, please check in advance that you have filled in your VAT number correctly.