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Rubi 11900 TP-102-S Tile cutter 1020 mm

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Rubi 11900 TP-102-S Tile cutter 1020 mm - 2
Rubi 11900 TP-102-S Tile cutter 1020 mm - 1 Rubi 11900 TP-102-S Tile cutter 1020 mm - 2 Rubi 11900 TP-102-S Tile cutter 1020 mm - 3
Product description

Rubi 11900 TP-102-S Tile cutter 1020 mm

Tile cutter with one guide rod and angle measurement system.


  • Every market has its own needs and therefore RUBI also has TP-S tile cutters with a single guide
  • These tile cutters are designed for intensive cutting of all types of ceramic tiles
  • The TP-S tile cutters are ideal for cutting porcelain vitrified clay (type BIa). They have a single guide that is shock resistant, giving the board a longer life
  • The ergonomically designed handle of the TP-S can be pushed forwards. In addition, the tile cutter has a mobile crushing mechanism to cut tiles with a thickness between 5 and 20 mm
  • The TP-S has a breaking force of up to 1.000 kg. The TP-S tile cutters are easy to use and fast to work with
  • In addition, the TP-S's mobile crushing mechanism ensures high quality cuts when cutting diagonally and at corners
  • All models of the TP-S have a rotating adjustment hook with central axis for quick and accurate cutting of corners. The side stop allows the tiler to make fast and accurate repetitive cuts
  • The TP-S tile cutters have a sturdy two-layer aluminium base with cushioning and side supports for large format tiles. The difference between the TP-S and the TP-T is that with the TP-S you work on the side of the tile cutter and with the TP-S you work on the front
  • The TP-S uses a 22 mm cutting wheel made of durable carbide. This cutting wheel is efficient, versatile and can be used to cut all types of materials. These features make the tile cutters easy to use and lightweight. The TP-S tile cutters require little care and maintenance, as the guide does not need to be lubricated
  • Some ceramic tiles, for example those with a thickness of more than 15 mm, are difficult to cut. It is advisable to make a test cut before cutting the final tiles

Important features

  • Tile cutter with one guide rod, highly resistant to shocks. Longer lifetime
  • Crushing mechanism that is adjustable in height. Optimally breaks tiles of any thickness
  • Rotatable front stop with central axis for quick and accurate measurement of angles
  • Durable adjustment hook with laser
  • Front stop with central rotary axis for quick and precise measurement of corner cuts
  • Reinforced breakaway wing
  • Side stop for achieving precise repetitive cuts
  • Two layer shock absorbing bottom plates
  • Additional support for large format tiles
  • Handle for transport. (TP-66-S and TP-75-S)
  • Designed to bring the lever towards you
  • Strong ergonomic RUBIFLEX handle
  • Thickness adjustment system with 3 positions (6-9 mm./9-12 mm./12-20 mm.)


  • For cutting ceramic tiles, ideal for porcelain

Technical data

  • Cutting length - 102 cm
  • Diagonal cutting length - 70x70 cm
  • Cutting height - 5-20 mm
  • Crusher - 1000 kg


  • Cutting wheel Ø 22mm. (Ref. 18914)
  • In box
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More Information
EAN 8413797119008
Ordernumber 11900
Manufacturer Rubi
Warranty 2 years
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