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Rubi 50996 set DRY GRES Dry Drill bit Set M14 6/8/20/35/50/68 mm

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Rubi 50996 set DRY GRES Dry Drill bit Set M14 6/8/20/35/50/68 mm - 1
Rubi 50996 set DRY GRES Dry Drill bit Set M14 6/8/20/35/50/68 mm - 1
Product description

Rubi 50996 set DRY GRES Dry Drill bit Set M14 6/8/20/35/50/68 mm

  • The DRYGRES set is the most economical option for the use of different sizes of dry drill bits
  • The DRYGRES series of diamond drills are recommended for drilling all types of tiles and other wall or floor materials such as marble and granite
  • In the DRYGRES series of diamond drill bits, RUBI has used vacuum brazed technology, which increases the resistance to temperature and friction, in order to increase the life of the diamond drill bit
  • RUBI has different sets so that the user can always choose the one which best suits his needs
  • DRYGRES drills in the diameter 6-12 mm are perfect for installing bathroom accessories
  • Other diameters in the DRYGRES diamond series 20-75 mm are intended to give the best results when performing the necessary drilling for water pipes, water drainage, electrical connections, etc
  • The average lifetime of DRYGRES drill bits depends on the diameter
  • The average lifetime of the drills always depends on the type of material, the thickness, proper cooling and the application
  • The drilling depth of DRYGRES drill bits is 36 mm
  • The diameters of 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm of the DRYGRES drills contain wax
  • This wax melts during drilling and this promotes the cooling and the removal of drilling debris from the drill head
  • When the wax runs out, the drill can be used as usual
  • Only wear on the diamond on the drill head can determine when the drill is worn out
  • The DRYGRES drill bits (diameter 20-75 mm) have a side opening that improves the cooling of the drill bit and this also makes it easier to remove the residue from the drill bit after drilling
  • Before re-using the auger all residues should be removed from the auger head
  • The maximum speed for using DRYGRES diamond drills is 14,000 rpm
  • For a better finish and longer duration of the drill, it is important to maintain the recommended rotation speed and to make a rotating movement with the drill while drilling
  • NOTE: Connection is M14 for use on angle grinders!


  • MULTIDRILL guide
  • 6/8/20/35/50/68 mm diamond drills
  • suitcase
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More Information
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