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Repair service


Requesting a repair. Step by step.

If a product fails within the warranty period, you can have it repaired by our own service warranty workshop, where our staff will carry out repairs within the manufacturer's terms and conditions. To request a repair, follow the steps below.

1/ Read the conditions.

Always read our conditions to see if the product is within warranty. > read more 

2/ Collect documents.

Collect the purchase invoice of the product (you have received this by e-mail) and the warranty certificate from the manufacturer (for extended warranty).

3/ Send request.

  • Please contact our customer service and add a clear picture and description of the defect. > contact us
  • Add your purchase invoice and the warranty certificate(for extended warranty).
  • Send your request.

4/ Assessment.

Our customer service will assess your request and will inform you within +/- 2 business days.

Does your purchase fall within warranty?
You will receive feedback from our customer service department about the estimated repair time and the further process. You pay the shipping costs yourself, and we will return the product at our expense, after repair. 

Does your purchase fall outside warranty?
Then you will receive feedback from our customer service with a quote, the estimated repair and the further process. You pay all shipping costs yourself.

Send products for repair

Our customer service will determine in consultation whether a product must be sent in for repair. Always follow the instructions of our customer service and send your products to us in the way they have indicated.

Additional conditions.

Note: We charge €30 (excl. VAT) for investigation and handling costs on machines which are returned without repair.

Subsequent registration of your machine or submission of the appropriate documents is not possible.

Products sent to us without registration will be returned. Costs incurred for returning these products are for your account. These shipping costs are:

  • For a 0-25 kg package > € 45.00 excl. VAT (valid within the Benelux)
  • For a 0-50 kg package > € 80.00 excl. VAT (valid within the Benelux)
  • For a 0-200 kg pallet > € 150.00 excl. VAT (valid within the Benelux)
  • For a 200+ kg pallet > € 250.00 excl. VAT (valid within the Benelux)

Different rates apply for machines and/or products outside the Benelux, and these are available on request.