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Sustainability at Toolnation

Environmentally friendly packaging: our sustainable solution for a better future

Sustainability is an important issue within our company and we have therefore come up with various solutions to reduce our impact on the environment. One of our main sustainable solutions is the use of eco-friendly packaging materials. Our customers can be reassured that their orders are packed and shipped in a sustainable way. Occasionally, we may have to ship an order in two parts. However, this only happens if the desired item has to be shipped from the supplier. However, we try to ship all our orders as sustainably as possible.

We take the first step towards sustainability: working with closed loop packaging

We work exclusively with closed loop packaging. Sustainability starts not only with us, but also with our suppliers. Here, packaging is reused, which reduces the amount of waste. Nevertheless, it also reduces our customers' ecological footprint. If surplus cardboard is left over, we sell it back to the waste processor, leaving no residual material. Once the first step is taken, the second will follow naturally. A journey in the right direction!

Together towards sustainable deliveries: our collaboration with Go Green external carriers

As we strive for a greener future, we work with Go Green external carriers to minimize our impact on the environment. By cooperating with them, we reduce the volume of goods with the carriers and thereby lower co2 emissions. This means our customers can enjoy sustainable deliveries without compromising the quality and speed of our service.

Solar panels on our roof, a benefit for us and our customers: sustainable energy at our company

We have over 1,300 solar panels on our premises, of which we use about 20% of the output ourselves and feed the rest back into the grid. Our sustainable business premises and the power we generate with our solar panels also benefit our customers. Because we no longer have a gas connection and use our heat pumps and CHP systems, we can keep our energy costs low. This means we can keep our prices competitive and our customers benefit from affordable products and services.

A greener future in our warehouse: Li-ion batteries replace lead batteries for internal transport

Our internal transport in the warehouse is equipped with the new Li-ion generation battery packs, which means we no longer work with lead batteries. The difference between Li-ion batteries and lead batteries is that Lithium batteries can be charged very quickly to 100 % capacity. With lead-acid batteries, an absorption phase is needed to charge the last 20% of capacity. With Li-ion batteries, less electricity is used.

Sustainable and efficient shipping with our customized packing line

By using a customized packing line, we ensure that the box around the product is not made much larger than the actual product. This has several advantages, including limiting the volume of goods with carriers. This not only improves the efficiency of the transport process, but also reduces CO2 emissions. By reducing packaging size, fewer materials are used and less space is taken up in transportation. This can lead to lower shipping costs and more efficient delivery of products to our customers.

Green is our calling card: our focus on sustainability and ecological responsibility

Finally, our green image and focus on sustainability is an important factor for customers who shop consciously. The colour green defines us and also symbolizes nature for us. By choosing our company, our customers can be confident that they are doing business with a company that is committed to a greener future and reducing their own ecological footprint.